Monday, August 14, 2006

My Fingernails Can See

I figured that if my finger tips didn't have something to hide, they wouldn't be hiding underneath my fingernails. I decided that this will not stand. I peeled back my fingernails and climbed inside. I didn't need a flashlight because it was daytime out and I was outside where my fingers were. There were only a few steps down on the stairs because my fingers aren't that big. I looked around but only saw pink meaty stuff everywhere. So, OK. Maybe THIS time. But I decided to keep my eye on it. So right before I left to go back up the stairs, I took out my eye and left it there on the pink meaty stuff. Then I climbed back out of my fingertips and shut the nails tightly. It is important to shut them tightly or else things fall out. So I stapled them good and tight. Now they won’t flap open in the wind. And since I left my eyeball in there, I can see the inside of my nose sometimes.


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